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Hi There!

I’m Ali owner of Raw Seed Photography. I'm so glad you popped by to check out my website! I'd love to introduce myself to you.


Growing up I owned a German shepherd for 14 years she was very much a part of the family. I have also owned cockatiels since I was 9.  My childhood was rough being bullied at school and my pets were always there for me. I have always had a drive to want to work with pets and over the years I have done just that, I have worked in the Veterinary Nursing field as well as worked as being the Assistant Manager of a Doggy DayCare.

I have wanted to become a vet nurse since the moment I could walk. After completing my certificate 3 in Animal Studies and doing work placement at the RSPCA and 2 vet clinics I decided to pursue my dream and study my certificate 4 in veterinary nursing. I got all my hours of practical work all done and dusted and it was just the assignments left to do.

After the sudden and tragic loss of my beloved companion bird snowflake in December 2015 I took a break from nursing.

I started working at a doggy DayCare/ grooming salon within the heart of Brisbane in 2014 where I quickly got the hang of things and got promoted to Assistant Manager, I took on full-time hours at the beginning of 2016.  The staff knew me as the shop Photographer, constantly taking photos for the social media platform. I left the doggy Daycare to focus on my photography at the start of 2017. I also started working for a big pet food company which I loved so much and am still passionate about species appropriate diets.

Fast forward to 2018 and I am waking at a dog groomer as a grooming assistant twice a week and I am also a dog walker, walking dogs in my spare time.


I’m excited about combining my 2 main passions in life, Photography and pets and I can't wait to meet all the amazing pet owners around Brisbane and learn about the incredible bond they share with their pets.

I now own 2 companion parrots called Thumper and Bambi, a 6-year-old German shepherd called Princess and a 2 year old  Australian Shepherd, Nix.


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Contact me

Email: ali@rawseedphotography.com

phone: 0420 353 801

Facebook: www.facebook.com/rawseedphotography

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