Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

I’m based out of Brisbane North. My studio is in Mitchelton. I service all of Brisbane as well as the Sunshine Coast, the Gold Coast and Toowoomba for a small travel fee.

Do you photograph other animals other than dogs?

I sure do, I photograph all types of animals. Please get in touch and we can discuss your session.

Can my friend bring their pet too?

I offer to photograph 2 pets from the same family with additional pets at an extra cost. I do not recommend bringing a friends pet as more often than not the animals get distracted with each other and the photos do not turn out how you wish.

My dog isn’t the best behaved dog, does that matter?

Not exactly. While it is ideal for your dog to know the basics (sit and stay) it is not 100% necessary. I can still get photos however I may not be able to get as many photos of the exact photos you desire.

Do you do commercial photography?

Yes I do. Please ask to see examples of previous commercial shoots.

How much does a commercial shoot cost?

Please contact me directly for pricing on commercial shoots as the really vary depending on the type of photos you are after.

My dog isn’t good off lead but is otherwise obedient is this a problem?

This is no problem at all! In fact most of the dogs you have seen that I have photographed have been on lead for their whole session! Leads are easy to edit out.

I don’t wish to be in any photos is that an issue?

I know you say you don’t wish to be in photos but I will still incorporate you into some photos whether it is the back of you or just your legs. A lot of owners have said the exact some thing and then come back to me wishing they had some photos with their pets. Even if it’s not your face in photos and just your hand I promise you will love the photos of your pet and yourself so please still dress to be in the photos. If however you truly do not wish to be in photos I will respect that too.

What if the weather is bad on the day of our shoot?

If the weather is looking to be overcast or wet on the day of your shoot I will contact you with plenty of time to reschedule as I will always try to provide you with the best photos possible.

Why aren’t digital included in the session cost?

The session cost is designed to cover my labour time, travel costs of the session as well as the running costs of my business. Digitals and prints are sold separately as I spend hours perfecting the images to become what you see as the final edits. Whether it is removing leads, stray hairs, eye goobers, distractions from the background generally editing takes a lot of time and that’s all worked in to the digital and print costs. Prints are also of the highest quality they are not the same quality as something you would get done at Kmart. My canvas prints come with a 75 year unconditional guarantee which includes accidental damage. These canvases are hand crafted in Australia. The inks used in printing them are certified and tested against fading. They are sprayed with a protective laminate that is waterproof, abrasion resistant and contains uv blockers and anti fungal components.

So as you can see a lot of care is taken when creating the prints I provide. They are Australian made and made to last.

Can you just send me the un edited images?

No. I don’t send unedited images under any circumstances. There are a few reasons for this. One of which is the raw, unedited images are not a reflection of my ability as a photographer. I spend a lot of time perfecting images during editing.

Can I just purchase all the images on a USB?

I do offer digital packages. Ask for the official pricing list.

Why have your pet professionally photographed?

Animals lives are generally, sadly a lot shorter than ours. So we are left here with only stories of them after there time has come. I, like you, take lots of photos of my pets on my smart phone. I mean who doesn’t? I used to wonder what’s the point of getting professional photos of my beloved pets when I had so many photos I took on my phone that are “just as great”. That is until those pets time had come and I wanted to print a nice canvas of them to remember them forever and realised my photos weren’t as great as they once seemed.when I went to print these photos it turned out they were to small of a size to even print so I was left with images collecting dust in a corner of my phone that is hardly ever visited.

I wish I had just gone to a professional and paid the money for the prints because those prints now, they would be priceless.

Do you photograph families with their pets?

Yes I certainly do, I love capturing portraits families will treasure forever.

Can you photograph multiple dogs in 1 image?

Yes I sure do.


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