Saying goodbye to Sasha

Updated: Aug 7, 2018

As some of you may or may not know my partner and I used to own a gorgeous border collie x cattle dog named Sasha. Now you may have noticed how I used the wording "used to own" . Well, on the 7th of July 2018 we made the hard decision to say goodbye to our girl.

Sasha had fallen ill weeks prior to us making this hard decision. We assumed it was gastro and thats what the vet told us it was but after a week of no improvement we took her back to a different vet where he gave us another round of antibiotics, ran more tests and had us book in at the specialists to have an ultrasound and a few more tests.

Sasha was losing a lot of weight, in a lot of pain and not wanting to eat or drink. the specialists did an ultrasound on her abdomen and a few other tests with nothing showing up. So she was put on another round of antibiotics and Vitamin B12 injections weekly. Unfortunately Sasha was now no longer eating or drinking, she went 48 hours without touching anything. For a dog that would scoff her food faster than you could put her bowl down on the ground this was heart breaking. Our next option was to put her on the operating table at age 12, open her up and do a really invasive surgery taking samples from each organ. Andrew and I did not feel this was right for Sasha, she was old and recovery would be really hard on her. Not only that but there was no guarantee we would get answers.

After multiple vets, multiple antibiotics and injects and weeks of 24 hours care from me, Andrew and I made the tough decision to release Sasha from her pain. On her last day we took her to the beach where she was surrounded by Andrews family (her favourite people). We watched the sunset one last time, went home and offered her a McDonalds ice-cream, a rump steak and some Chinese food which she did very much enjoy.

The time came on Saturday the 7th of July 2018 we had to say one final goodbye. After a long chat with Sasha's long time vet she could only apologise. It was only March this year where she say Sasha last and said how amazing she was looking for such an old dog. Her vets only advice was it had to of been cancer, possibly in her chest or inside her intestines. We made the right decision, Sasha went the quickest I had ever seen a dog go (past vet nurse experiences). She was in a lot of pain and made it very clear she was thankful for everything we had done.

She's left a giant hole in our hearts and it still hurts to even think about it. We honestly thought she'd get better, she always did. She was so healthy before falling so ill. Sadly we put of taking amazing images of her because of this fact and it has only made it even more important to me to take the best photos of peoples pets as I possibly can.

We miss you every single day Sasha. Thank you for looking after Andrew for 9 years and being in my life for the past 8 years.


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